The main focal point of most rooms is how your windows are dressed.  Your taste in window fashion is a reflection of your sense of style, and as with the clothing you wear, there are many choices.  Windows sometimes are adorned with fabric and fringe as a woman might accessorize a dress with jewelry.  Neither the window nor the dress would be in balance if you did not complement the window with coordinating floor covering or the shoes with the beautiful dress you just purchased.

To achieve a modern look, the window should be dressed with blinds or shades and drapery with simple lines.  If the room is decorated in a more traditional style, such as Country French, the window blind should have a more embellished valance and/or curtains.  Poles with decorative finials, beaded fringe and tassels will add to the look. If you want to add more warmth and dimension to the room, the use of medium or deeper paint colors, or wallpaper patterns, will further enhance the window, and create balance throughout.

Blinds and drapery take the lead role in setting the ambiance of any room. If you follow these tips, your ordinary windows can be turned into an extraordinary fashion statement.

Wendy Lepkoff, IDS Associate – Wendy Interiors