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Warm up your home


Your home is your haven. In the winter, it’s nice to come inside to escape the blustering cold. And, of course, you want your home to feel warm and cozy. Here are some easy ideas for warming up the atmosphere of any room in your house.

Texture will affect the atmosphere of a space. Smooth, shiny surfaces evoke a cold feeling. Avoid stainless steel and laminate furniture. Stay away from satin and other shiny fabrics. Glossy tile will also add to a chilly feeling for your feet.

To add warmth, bring in layers of thick, cozy texture. Throw a soft rug over a cold floor. Lay one or two chenille throws on the sofa. Choose wool, velvet, or other heavy fabrics for your window coverings.


The lighter the room, the warmer it will feel. Adding light is a great way to combat the cold feelings of winter. Get a few extra lamps, open the shades, and turn up the overhead lighting. Full spectrum light bulbs will add additional warmth and cheer to a space.

Candles are also lovely in winter. The glow of the flame gives off a cozy warmth. The right scent can also evoke snuggly emotions. Perhaps a baked apple pie scented candle?


Choose warm colors from the palette if you want a warmer feeling in your home. Reds, yellows, and oranges are the warmest hues. If you don’t want to paint the walls, you can add colorful accessories. Get a few extra pillows and blankets in warm colors. You can always swap these out as your needs change. The extra layers will also add to the warmth of the room.


In the winter, you can pull your seating pieces away from the walls and closer together. The closeness will suggest a comfortable conversation area, perfect for snuggling up with family and friends.