Many homeowners who decorate a room in their home are stymied when it comes time to finish the walls. “Do I use wallpaper or paint?   What color should I make the walls?”  “Should I use a neutral paint color so the walls don’t take away from the rest of the room?”  These are common questions asked by homeowners.  The answer to the question of whether to paint or apply wallpaper is that it doesn’t matter.  Painting the walls with a neutral color often is based upon a fear of using more dramatic colors.  If you are pleased with the result of using the neutral color, that’s fine.  On the other hand, if you want something special, check your fear at the door, and read on.

When you enter into the room, what will you see?  Furniture is covered with a great fabric.  There is a great area rug on the floor.  Your eyes are drawn to those pieces.    Suppose, on the other hand, you had used a richer wall color, or multiple wall colors coordinated with the fabric and area rug.  Instead of being drawn to objects below eye level, your eyes will focus on the room as a whole.  The result is a perfect example of the “wow” factor.

Striped wallpaper in Wedgwood Blue, Barnyard Red, or Golden Yellow may sound bold, but it works.  If you use wide tone on tone stripes, color coordinated with the other pieces in the room, it gives the appearance of a larger room with more height, yet it remains warm.  If you feel that dark brown, navy blue or eggplant colored walls would make a room look like a cave, or small, or too dark, fear not, with proper lighting those feelings can be resolved.

Picture a room with deep taupe colored walls and molding painted a pewter color to tie into the furniture and picture frames.  On a white or cream-colored wall, your eye would normally gravitate to the accents.  Instead, the color and molding on the walls will draw your eyes to the entire room, and it will happen repeatedly.

When you walk into a room with color-coordinated walls, you see drama, warmth and character.  It is not for everybody, but I have only received accolades from clients, young and old, who resisted out of fear, and then thanked me for helping them get past it.  Add color to your walls and they will speak volumes.   What will they say?  “Look at me, I pulled it all together.”

Wendy Lepkoff, IDS Associate  – Wendy Interiors