We were recommended to Wendy for a color consult for our new offices. She listened to “the look” we wanted to achieve in the space and she coordinated a beautiful result (from the paint colors to the carpet & flooring to the finish on the desks & cabinets). The office has an unusual layout with many angles and she worked with that to enhance the space beautifully.

I have worked with Wendy on Sandy Home Makeover. I was impressed with the orientation to detail and timely specifications Wendy provided. Her approach to a charity project is as professional as her approach to any other project she is working on a daily basis.

My home was destroyed by hurricane sandy in 2012 and my family and I were displaced for about 15 months. Coming home was such an important goal for us that we really didn’t pay much attention to decorating and making our house the cozy nest that it once was. We painted every room the same color and bought furniture that matched making the space functional but void of color. When Wendy from Wendy Interiors came into our home through a room makeover we won through the Fabric Mill she brought life back into our home. She took the time to really get to know us and focused on what we needed. Wendy went out of her way to find donations like granite, tile back splash, painters, and the list goes on. The makeover brought a lot of volunteers together and under the watchful eye of Wendy the space is now a place that is rich in color and really functions for our family. We have had so many parties here already and look forward to many more in the years to come. Wendy will always be in our hearts and hopefully a lifelong friend after this. She was our design angel!

It was an absolute honor and pleasure to work with Wendy on the Sandy Makeover project. Her expertise and hard work is very much appreciated. We’re glad we were able to work with her on this project and value her as a top designer.

Wendy is the best!!! She gave us the opportunity to help out this family who suffered such a horrible loss during hurricane Sandy. She is the utmost professional and is so very talented. We have worked together for many years and she is always on top of the project and makes sure her clients are happy. She also is so great to all her sources and that makes it so much more fun to be involved in a project that she is doing.

I have worked with Wendy on several projects, the biggest of course being the Sandy Home Makeover. She is fabulous! I was unsure of what actually went into a “makeover.” Some paint and voila, right? No, no, no! Wendy took the makeover by the reigns and revamped the Boyle’s home in Lindenhurst from top to bottom.

She gave everything from her heart, this was a charity project that took a full year of Wendy’s efforts. Everything was on a strict budget, Wendy sweated and recruited her contractors to help out. Her colleagues in the long island design community reached out to join her and donate their time and services to this project. It wasn’t easy, and Wendy more than pulled it off, she did a wonderful job.

I would recommend Wendy for any home design project because she, 1). Gets to know the client and gains inspiration from their personality 2). Networks her trustworthy resources in the field 3). Always is hands on, and contributes personally to the project 4). Has a vision of color, aesthetics and organization that will improve the home dramatically 5). She’s a sweetheart!

-Carly Bassen from The Fabric Mill

I had a great time working with Wendy and Tony with Dreamwork Remodeling tiling the kitchen backsplash. Everybody working at the home did a great job and the family was very grateful!


Wendy is wonderful. I met her as she was remodeling the Sandy victims’ home. She took the time to get to know the family and renovated the home to meet their needs. She spent her free time making this family’s life a little easier after Superstorm Sandy made it so hard. Wendy has enormous talent- and a big heart to go along with it.

Wendy Interiors Details have known Wendy my entire life. That is because she is my sister, and yes, she decorated my homes in New York and in Florida. Her support team is friendly, punctual, clean and are expert in their fields. My wife and I were most impressed with Wendy’s ability to create a result that was a reflection of our taste.

Wendy’s project management skills and her attention to detail were above and beyond. She is very organized and has a keen eye for color. I also know that from growing up with her. She is also one of the most caring people that we know. She truly cares about her family, her friends, and yes her clients. we may be biased, but we seriously can say she is a very special person in many ways.