Orange Color of the Month

Orange is definitely a color that draws attention. It evokes feelings of excitement and enthusiasm. Orange increases the body’s metabolism and heart rate, making you feel happy and energetic. There is nothing even remotely calm about orange.

Despite its cheerfulness, pure orange is often too bold and brilliant for use in interior design – at least as a maincolor – but it’s a wonderful color to use as an accent. Orange accents give a room a lively punch.

Toss some orange pillows on a subdued couch to brighten up a room. Add a vase of bright orange flowers to enliven a space. Paint one wall orange as an exciting focal point.

A bold orange room will be very stimulating, but if you use a soft lighting scheme, it can become quite soothing.

Tints of orange are very popular in home design. Think soft copper, apricot, and terra cotta. These orange shades create warm, welcoming environments.

When you’re ready for more fun, think orange!