November 2010 Newsletter

November 2010 Newsletter


A Note From Wendy
Feature Article: Fire Up Your Fireplace
Color of the Month: Brown
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As the winter slowly creeps towards us, we have a natural tendency to spend more time in our homes.  And what better way to warm up than to sit around the fireplace?

This month’s article gives you inspiration for decorating the mantel and the space above your fireplace.  And check out our Color of the Month for a great hue that will warm you up and help you feel cozy throughout the entire season.

Have a great month!


Fire Up Your Fireplace

Decorating a fireplace can make a huge impact on a room. Because the fireplace is often the focal point of a space, make sure you treat it as the special piece that it is.

Before decorating your fireplace, look at the rest of the room. The style and colors of your furnishings will determine the direction for your fireplace décor. If the room is contemporary, stick with straight lines and sleek accessories for the mantel. For a cozy, traditional room, you can add softer lines and a grouping of collectibles.

Often in contemporary rooms, the fireplace doesn’t have a mantel, and you only need to determine what artwork you want on the wall. But in most cases, you’ll need to consider décor for the mantel and the wall above. These are two distinct areas, and need to be treated with different types of coordinating accessories.

Common mantel accessories include candlesticks, vases, and greenery. Of course, whatever you use should support the style of your room. To create visual interest, vary the size and elevation of the objects you choose.

The area above the mantel is traditionally used to display a large piece of art. This works well if the artwork is in scale with the size of the wall space. If your room has a soaring two-story ceiling, it may be difficult to find a piece of art large enough to fill the space. Consider creating a grouping of items instead. You can hang a group of smaller paintings or mirrors, several architectural finds, a few quilts, or colorful plates and platters.

By giving your fireplace special attention, you can create a beautiful space and a warm gathering spot for family and friends.



Brown is one color that never really goes out of style. Although the shade of brown that you choose can make or break a room.

Brown is a warm, safe color that encourages conversation.  It’s a great color to use both in public rooms, where you entertain guests, and private rooms, where you retreat to feel relaxed.

Chocolate brown has been popular for a while, but now the trend is changing, as lighter, richer browns begin to make an appearance. We’re seeing browns shift to the shades of spices and beverages. Think rich coffee bean, cognac, and cinnamon!

These tints of brown are being paired with interesting colors – like stonewash blue, desert sage, and silver pink, creating eye-catching, beautiful combinations.

If you are looking to add an accent or create a bold statement, choose metallic shades of brown, like copper and bronze.For more natural looks, use beige shades, like the colors of parchment, cardboard, muslin, and hay.