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May 2011 Newsletter


A Note From Wendy
Feature Article: The Challenge of High Ceilings
Color of the Month: Black
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Is bigger better?  Well, it seems to be with most new houses.  But having a bigger space presents its own decorating challenges.  How do you create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere?  How do you keep a room with high ceilings from feeling cold and uninviting?  This month’s article gives you some useful tips.

For some drama and excitement, check out our Color of the Month.  Black is the neutral that never goes out of style!


The Challenge of High Ceilings

High ceilings add rich spaciousness to a room.  Years ago, having this dramatic architectural element was only a dream for most homeowners.  Now that nearly all new homes include at least one room with soaring ceilings, it presents a unique challenge.  How do you create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere in a room that can – if not treated right – feel stark, empty, and uninviting?

High CeilingsCeiling Color
Use a warm, rich color on your ceiling instead of white.  A white ceiling in a high room can give a very cold impression.  Deeper colors bring the ceiling down visually and create a welcoming cheerfulness.

Window Treatments
Make sure to hang your window coverings from the top of the highest windows.  Many homeowners make the mistake of covering only the lower windows.  This cuts the room and can look unfinished.  Installing your draperies high will make the room look more balanced.

Pieces that are on the small side will get swallowed up in a room with high ceilings.  Look for furniture with taller backs, more massive arms and legs, and full cushioning.  Always think about the scale of the piece of furniture in relation to the scale of the space.

Remember that the floor is also an important design element in making your large space feel warm and inviting.  An area rug that complements your style and color scheme can pull in the space to create a sense of coziness.

Having multiple sources of light is very important in a room with high ceilings.  Make sure you have not only overhead lights (your general overall lighting), but also lamps or wall fixtures for tasks and accents.  Tall table lamps and high wall sconces fill the vertical space and add interest and warmth.  Adding lighting from the floor with uplights will create more drama.

When decorated properly, a room with high ceilings can be an absolute delight to look at, and more importantly – to live in!


“Black is the new black.”

Black is a classic that never goes out of style.  When used well, it evokes power and drama.  Black is a great accent for practically every room.

Black is the Color of the MonthA black and white room can be fresh, clean, and sophisticated.  It works for any style – from modern to traditional.

A black accent creates a focal point of color that anchors a space and adds a stylish look to a room.  Include black accessories, light fixtures, trims, or even a bold piece of furniture to help sharpen any decorating scheme.

The floor is a great place to start decorating with black.  Think of alternating black and white squares, a painted black floor with white stencils, or stunning black marble finished with white baseboard moldings.

Because black is neutral, you can pair it with any color.  Try yellow, red, or hot pink for eye-catching excitement.  Or couple black with metallic gold, silver, copper, or brass to create an opulent look.