Keeping Baby Safe

October Newsletter

No matter how you choose to decorate your baby’s nursery, there is one overriding rule: safety first! All lives are precious, but this is especially so when it’s a tiny, new life that you’re dealing with.

Nursery safety should actually begin months before the baby comes. If you’re going to paint or wallpaper, experts recommend finishing these projects at least two months before the due date so that any potentially harmful fumes from solvents or adhesives have time to dissipate. Using paint that is free of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, can mitigate this problem right away, but you’ll still want to be sure to complete painting a good while prior to the due date as no paint is odor free.

Safety down below is important too. If you’re placing accent rugs, even over carpet, use floor protectors to keep them in place. If that doesn’t work, try carpet tape, which is a special double-sided tape made especially wide for adhering rug corners to floors. (It’s great for using on any rug that tends to curve up on the corners.)

Although there’s still a good amount of debate about whether anything other than a fitted sheet should go inside of a crib, the American Academy of Pediatrics warns against using anything soft and squishy, including bumpers, pillows, blankets, and soft toys, as they can contribute to sudden infant death syndrome. There’s no denying that bumpers and whatnot are cute, but if you want to avoid the risk and still tie the crib to the rest of the room, consider a coordinated bed skirt instead.

Good lighting is a must in a nursery, but it doesn’t have to be full bore all the time. Opt for a mixture of overhead and accent lighting, such as a task light near the changing table and a reading light on a bookcase, and put a dimmer on the overhead light for times when you need good overall illumination but not so strong as to wake the baby.

Window coverings are another important area of concern, not just in the nursery but also throughout the house. Children are endlessly curious about the world around them, and that curiosity definitely extends to the window area. What might be a harmless cord to an adult can strangle a small child. Opt for child-friendly products such as cordless and motorized coverings from Hunter Douglas, as you’ll have beauty and safety all in one.

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