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June 2011 Newsletter


A Note From Wendy
Feature Article: Beautiful Outdoor Living
Color of the Month: Silver
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Does the summer weather have you longing to spend more time outdoors?  You want to make the most of your yard and enjoy it to the fullest.  This month, we send you the scoop on decorating your outdoor space, so it is as beautiful as your interior.

Our Color of the Month is SILVER – a beautiful accent color for outdoor living.   Decorate your season with a splash!


Beautiful Outdoor Living

Your yard is an extension of your interior, and it needs to support your lifestyle if you want to make the most of it and enjoy your space to the fullest. Create an outdoor area that echoes the comfort of your own living room.

Do you want a tranquil retreat?An elegant entertainment area?A classically formal space?  Get clear on your goals, and designing your outdoor space will be easier.

If you like to use your yard to escape and relax, keep your colors neutral.  Colors that suggest nature – ocean, forest, mountains – will soothe and relax you.  Choose soft shapes for your furniture.

Do you love to entertain?  Make sure you have plenty of comfortable chairs and lots of areas to serve. Position seating in L- or U-shapes to promote comfortable conversations.  Use umbrellas to create shady areas.

For a formal space, arrange your furniture in a symmetrical pattern. Use classic shapes.  Keep bright colors confined to pillows and accessories so they can be easily updated as your tastes change.

Good lighting is crucial in every outdoor space.  For safety, be sure to illuminate driveways, paths, stairs, pool areas,and dark corners.  You can add visual interest by highlighting outdoor structures.  Attach string or net lights to trees, bushes, trellises, sheds, and arbors. Float candles in birdbaths, pools, or ponds.

To add more comfort, decorate with accessories that are traditionally reserved for indoors.  Look for mirrors, frames, rugs, and fabrics that are water-resistant and created for use outdoors.



Silver is a beautiful color for summer.  Use it inside and out.

Silver works for contemporary homes, as well as traditional styles. Mix silver with deep, bold colors for a dramatic, confident look.  Combine it with soft blues for a soothing, rich feeling.  Pair silver with tan for a timeless, sophisticated elegance.

Being a relative of gray, silver is associated with strong character.  It is said to enhance patience and perseverance, drawing negative energy out from the body and replacing it with positive energy.

The trend for the season is to add splashes of color, and silver is a great addition for bringing out your colorful accents.