July 2011 Newsletter


A Note From Wendy
Feature Article: Create a Spa Retreat
Color of the Month: Lavender
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Summer is a great time to relax and enjoy a spa vacation. But you can relish in the luxuries of a spa retreat every day if you make a few updates to your bathroom. Wouldn’t you love to feel pampered every time you step into the room?

This month’s feature article gives you some easy ideas. And to follow our “Spa” theme, the Color of the Month is lavender – a great scent and a great color for your retreat!


Create a Spa Retreat

Imagine a spa in your own home.  It’s possible!  With just a few updates, you can transform a boring bathroom into a tranquil spa retreat.

The first thing to keep in mind is that – even though you are decorating a bathroom, you need to treat it like any other room.  Think out of the box, and you can create a truly inspired room.


Trade glossy tiles for matte finishes.  They create a warmer atmosphere.  Your rug needs to be extra comfortable.  Look for rich, natural materials, like leather and wool.


You do need good, strong lighting for make-up application and dressing, but you want to be able to adjust the lights for a more spa-like atmosphere.  Put your lights on dimmers.  Add lots of candles that you can light when you take a bath.

A traditional hanging chandelier will give your bathroom a cozy, classic spa-like feeling.


Soothing sounds and music are an important aspect in creating a spa-like mood.  If you don’t have built-in speakers, keep a music player in a convenient spot – just make sure it isn’t near water!


A spa is all about pampering, so be sure to show off your fluffiest towels, and display jars of soothing bath salts and body creams. Don’t litter the room with extra trinkets.  Simple and uncluttered is best for a spa.


Don’t forget about the aroma of your spa.  Calming scents help you immediately relax as you enter the space.  Blend aromatic essential oils to create your personal favorites.



Color of the Month: Lavender Ahhh… what a dainty color lavender is. This shade of purple is very popular with little girls. But it can actually be very flexible. Subtle tints of lavender can be used as an exciting neutral – for moldings and ceilings. Saturated purple shades provide a vibrant punch of color to a room.

You can create many moods using various shades of purple. Blue-purples, the shade of a summery sunset sky, relax the body and are perfect for a bedroom. Red-purple, like eggplant, creates drama and excitement. Deep purple evokes the sense of royalty and richness.

Lavender is a perfect choice for a spa bathroom.  Use real lavender – for a subtle punch of color and a soothing, relaxing scent.