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January 2011 Newsletter


A Note From Wendy
Feature Article: Bold Decorating Ideas for the New Year
Color of the Month: Burgundy
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Happy New Year!

If you want to start your year off with a bang, go bold in your decorating.  There’s nothing like color and whimsy to add cheer to a home.  This month’s article gives you a few ideas for enhancing your home with drama.

And speaking of drama, why not create a royal atmosphere with a little burgundy – the color of the month!

Here’s to a bold new year…


Bold Decorating Ideas for the New Year

If you want to show off your creative side, go bold in your home design.  There are lots of ways to go bold without being Bold Decoratingtacky or tasteless.  Here are some fun ideas…


Don’t be afraid of color.  While most people are afraid that they will quickly tire of a wall color, the truth is that plain white is what gets us bored the quickest.  Paint your walls with a strong color.  It’s only paint!

For a dramatic edge, combine two bold colors.  Unexpected combinations add life and excitement to a room.


You don’t need to put bold pattern everywhere, but a few touches of whimsical prints will add a nice energy to a space.  If your walls are muted, you can be daring with your patterns.  Colorful stripes and polka dots are always fun, and you can mingle them in one area for added whimsy.

Bold PillowsAnimal prints look fabulous in front of boldly colored walls.  The neutral colors in the animal prints – black and white, or shades of brown – create a huge statement when combined with deep reds and hot pinks.

Bold florals evoke a cheerful mood.  Create a wild, whimsical room by using floral patterns on the walls.  The trick to combining floral patterns is to look at scale and color.  Make sure the main colors are in all of the patterns, and use different scales (a large, medium, and small).


Instead of traditional high-hats, go for exciting lamps.  They not only give more lighting options, but they can be great accessories and conversation pieces, especially if you get creative with lampshades.

When you are ready to go bold, go all the way!



Color of the Mpnth: BurgundyBurgundy… the color of a rich wine.

This rich color is a great choice if you want to inspire a royal, stately mood. Perfect for libraries, game rooms, and living rooms, burgundy evokes thoughts of intellectualism, travel, and wealth.

Burgundy on the floor will feel warm, solid, and regal. Area rugs with burgundy can anchor and complete a room.

Accents in burgundy will add drama to a neutral room. Look for pillows, throws, lampshades, and picture mattes.

Be careful with too much dark burgundy on the upper parts of the room, like the ceiling. It can cause an oppressive feeling.