Home design tips for creating indoor-outdoor spaces

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Southampton end of the week escape

Home design tips for creating indoor-outdoor spaces – Wendy Interiors

Possibly you’re in or you’re out, as is commonly said — with the exception of now and again, you can be both, as appeared by these three Long Island spaces that join inside and outside situations.

Tips for inside-outside spaces

In making an indoor-outside space in the home:

DO consider the outside view and movement stream. Jodi “Dell” Dell’Aquila of Jodi Dell Designs, which has workplaces in Southampton and Manhattan, says it’s essential not to block the view or prevent outside access with inconvenient furniture.

Indoor/Outdoor lounge area outlined by Wendy

Jodi “Dell” Dell’Aquila, 36, had her Southampton house worked in 2013. The home’s inside-outside space, composed in conjunction with her close relative and Wantagh inside architect Wendy Lepkoff, fills different needs. “It was essential for Dell to have simple indoor-open air access for both everyday living and engaging,” Lepkoff says. A formal front room initially recommended by the designer was rejected for a screened-in yard, and sliding entryways were worked for simple access to the porch. “The open floor design gave us an enticing space to engage,” says Dell, who additionally is a fashioner and lives full time in Manhattan with her better half, Jake, 40, their two youthful little girls and their puppy.

Feasting table in a screened yard outlined by

On the screened-in patio, which neglects the pool, a sectional from West Elm gives extra seating, and a solid best feasting table, picked on account of its capacity to withstand the components, gives the family a place to eat.

Indoor/Outdoor lounge area composed by Wendy

Simply inside, an island in the kitchen is regularly utilized as a smorgasbord surface when the family needs to have a sit-down supper in the close-by lounge area disregarding the patio. The family likewise keeps stools there to make it simple to have an easygoing supper, or to accumulate around with companions.

Indoor/Outdoor lounge area outlined by Wendy

Lepkoff says that by bringing the subjects of the inside space outside, and the other way around, it makes a durable plan tasteful. “Acquiring the outside is an approach to bring the quietness and nature’s vitality into the indoor space.