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How To Make Your Guest Feel At Home

he guests are coming over, and you’d like to provide a comfortable place for them. When designing a guest room, think about what you would expect to find in a quality hotel room. By using this as your standard, your guests will surely enjoy their stay.

Read this list of things to remember when decorating your comfortable guest room.

Choose a neutral style. You can certainly use some creativity, but remember that different people will be using this room. Keep your patterns and colors simple. Too many patterns and colors can create a busy, rushed atmosphere – which is not conducive to a relaxing stay.
great room

wasfc_phototour26Keep the bed clean and crisp. Fresh linens help a guest feel cozy and contented.
Speaking of beds, choose the largest one that looks good in the room. A full, queen, or king-size mattress will always be more comfortable than a twin.
Make sure there is a mirror in the room.
When considering window coverings for a guest room, take into account the ease of functionality. A horizontal blind or shutter is uncomplicated and allows guests the option of opening or closing quickly and easily.
Ensure your guest’s privacy. Does the door have a secure lock? Do the blinds go all the way down?
great roomInject a sense of hospitality with inviting touches such as books, pen and paper, or mints by the bed.
A reading lamp is important for late night readers. It also adds to the ambience.
A television will help entertain your guests if they want to relax in their room.
Make sure you have a side table where guests can keep their books or water. Place a clock radio on the table, as well.
Stock the guest bathroom will all basic toiletries, bath towels, robes, etc.
Put yourself in your guests’ shoes as you design the room, and you’ll make your guests feel right at home.