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February Newsletter 2012


Did you know that you could create the feelings of warmth, love, and happiness just by following a few decorating secrets?  Here are some easy design tips you can use to add the mood of romance to your rooms:

  • Colors When you think of love and passion, you probably think of red.  Red does stimulate the libido by increasing your heart rate and breathing, but a lot of red may make you too passionate.   In other words, a room that is all red can make you feel angry and agitated – not great feelings for igniting romance!  So use red sparingly in the bedroom.

The most romantic and soothing color is pink; however, it’s the least preferred color among men.  Shades close to pink, like mauve and lavender, are nice compromises that evoke warm feelings in both women and men.

Soft blues are very soothing and romantic.  Because they slow your heart rate, they can help you get a great night’s sleep, so soft blues are great for a bedroom.  But stay away from them in eating areas, where they can affect your appetite.

  • Fabrics Combine luxurious, sensual fabrics in rich textures – like silk, chenille, and linen.  Make your bed with high thread-count cotton sheets; a full, down-filled comforter; and loads of fluffy, soft pillows.  Add extra throws at the bottom of beds and on sofas.  Cover your windows with full, neutral-colored, sheer fabric panels that appear to be blowing in the breeze.
  • Lighting  Soft lighting is essential for a romantic mood.  During the day, your sheer window panels filter the sunlight, creating a warm, intimate glow.  In the evenings, use light sources from all directions, and not just from overhead.  Turn on table lamps softened by lampshades, use up-lights near plants or fabrics to create shadows, and put your overhead lights on dimmers.  Candles are, of course, great for romance, but be extra careful near your flowing fabric.
  • Entice all your senses Set the perfect romantic mood by taking all of your senses into account.  Soft music, sachets and potpourri, fresh flowers, and a large bowl of plump strawberries will all add to a romantic ambience.

The next time you think about injecting more romance into your home, skip the advice columns and do it through decorating!


The Color of Love… red is a very intense color. Used well in decorating, it can create a wonderfully dramatic room.

Red stimulates the body. It accelerates heart rate and breathing, and increases appetite. Red is a popular color for dining areas because, since the appetite is stimulated, food tastes better.

Red should be used sparingly in the bedroom due to its intense nature. The body has a hard time relaxing around a lot of red.

In a room that has a serene color scheme, red furniture or accessories can provide a strong focal point and add a youthful excitement.

Decorating with red takes confidence. But while it does make a bold statement, red is also a warm, easy-to-live-with color.