Is your ceiling painted white?  If your answer is yes, you are not alone.  Most people consider the ceiling to be just a ceiling.  It is a flat surface a few feet above your head.  To me, on the other hand, it is an area that can be used to create a more attractive home element.

Let’s begin with your bathroom.  You have beige tiles on the walls and floor.  The fixtures are beige with nickel hardware.  Why not make your ceiling plum colored, and complement it with plum colored towels and bathmat?  It will provide an interesting look, and add warmth to the bathroom.

You may have a dramatic lighting fixture in your front entry foyer or in your dining room.  If you surround the fixture with a medallion it would give more dimension to the ceiling, and add more drama to the fixture.  The medallion does not have to be the same color as the ceiling; it could function as an additional accent coordinated with colors in the room.

Crown molding draws attention to the ceiling by outlining it and making it feel less flat.  It can be one to two shades lighter than the walls or a contrasting color can be used. The crown molding will provide more interest to the room because your eyes will not only travel down and around, but they will also travel upward.

A kitchen is filled with cabinetry, tile, granite and windows. An excellent way to create warmth in the room is with the use of wallpaper on the ceiling.  Many of my clients have said to me, “isn’t wallpaper on a ceiling out of style?”  My response is always the same, “since there is very little wall space in the kitchen, the ceiling becomes the canvas for color and pattern.”

Dressing the ceiling adds more interest to the space.  It is like a woman accessorizing with a necklace and earrings.  The jewelry brings the eye upward and accents her outfit.  In addition, if your walls are ten or more feet high, you can create a more dramatic feeling by upgrading to a vaulted, tray or coffered ceiling.

Your ceiling does not have to be “just a ceiling”.  It can be used to complement the rest of the living space.  Think of it as “the icing on the cake”.

Wendy Lepkoff – Wendy Interiors