Controling Heat And Glare

Window Treatments To The Rescue!

Sunlight is necessary for our overall well-being, but it has to be controlled or it will cause problems in the home. Sun makes a room too hot in the summer and greatly raises air conditioning bills. It also damages furnishings and flooring. And when it shines right in your face or on the television, it can be uncomfortable and annoying.

Window treatments are the solution. There are window coverings that are specially designed to cut down on glare and heat.

sun shadesCellular shades, also known as honeycombs, provide insulation and are extremely energy efficient. They are available in a broad spectrum of colors and materials, and can be custom shaped to fit any window – even unusual shapes, like arches, hexagons, and angled windows. Cellular shades are available from sheer all the way up to complete blackout for maximum sun control.

Wood blinds and shutters are good choices for light control because they allow you to angle the sun as it comes through the window. At certain times of the day, you may want to focus the light up and away from the television. You can keep the room bright by allowing the sun in, but just face it away from expensive furnishings. This flexibility is what makes horizontal shades, like blinds and shutters, good options.

Many window coverings have a “top-down” option. The control mechanism draws the shade open from the top instead of pulling it open from the bottom. The ultimate in versatility is “top-down, bottom-up” window shades, which offer you the ability to operate the shade in any direction to meet all your light control and privacy needs.

If you love natural light but still want to control the glare, sheer draperies are another choice. Sheer fabrics, which come in unlimited patterns and colors, filter the light, cutting down on bothersome glare and giving the room a soft glow.

Enjoy the sun, stay comfortable, and protect your cherished items at the same time.