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Best of LI Winner 2015 WENDY INTERIORS

bLI2015Best of LI Winner 2015 WENDY INTERIORS
would like to thank everyone who participated in voting.

Wendy Interiors offers an easy approach to interior design. Have you ever felt that something’s just not right about how a room looks or feels? With an innovative approach, Wendy’s experienced eye can yield the “A-ha, so that’s what it needed!” moment you’ve been waiting for. From simple tweaks to complete overhauls, Wendy’s suggestions and expertise will give your rooms and your home that just-right feeling.
From accents that compliment your existing design to planning from scratch, the vision and focus of Wendy Interiors can provide you with the look and feel you have been dreaming of.
Do not be overwhelmed by the idea of decorating small or large spaces. With more than 15 years of experience, you can count on Wendy’s expertise to finalize your design plans with confidence, beauty and style.
Sometimes a simple change can make all the difference in the world.

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